Insight, Soul Series Volume 1: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

   A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Insight, Soul Series Volume 1 has finally arrived! This engaging book is a powerful poetic guide to Awakening. This book is designed to unravel the mystery of Who You Truly Are and What You Can Become!! At first glance, I am told that it can be viewed as a course in Awakening. The channelled messages within the book are designed to guide, heal, uplift, inspire, empower, enlighten and encourage.  The e-book edition of this long-awaited title is now available globally and can be purchased through Amazon Kindle via the following websites:  In the U.K at  , in France at, in Germany at, in Italy at and in Spain at  This title has also launched in 32 countries via iTunes through the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and other online retailers. For those who are ready, this book is a global wake-up call!

Designing the cover of Insight was an exciting process. I had the pleasure of working with world-renowned graphic designer, Dejan Davidovic. This creative genius was able to capture the vision of my design concept and catapult it to an even higher level beyond my imagination!

The cover of Insight is embedded with many hidden symbols. The hands that embrace the eye represent the assisted awakening of Souls and the ascension process as it relates to the fifth dimensional planetary shift that is occurring within the timeframe of 2012 and beyond. The cover’s image also symbolizes the direct connection with one’s Higher Self, the global reopening of the third eye, and oneness with All That Is. If you take a step back and analyze the cover further , you will notice that the image faintly resembles an outline of a keyhole. The eye peering though this keyhole represents one’s ability to look beyond the veil of illusion. The white rays of Light that flood the eye symbolize the Light within us as it penetrates one’s consciousness. If you look very carefully you will also notice the number 11 between the glowing white arms made of light. This number has a spiritual significance and represents the 11 chapters that are contained within the book. The extended electromagnetic arms reach up to the eye as the eye is pried open by the Light body’s glowing hands. The hands that hold the eye also represent global healing while the black background signifies the expansive universe.  Furthermore, the total image of the eye itself represents the third eye chakra which symbolizes highly developed intuition. The black pupil in the centre of the eye symbolizes the void of “Beingness”. The color blue that emanates throughout the cover stands for both the blue ray indigo and global communication as it relates to the throat chakra and its association with the fifth dimension. If you study the image on the cover very carefully, you will also notice other symbols embedded within the design. The most miraculous and astonishing thing of all is that the symbols were not planned. Long before the book was written, I had a vision of the book’s cover. As a result, I knew that it was to contain an eye. As the designer and I collaborated to create the cover, additional symbols began to appear within the design. It was almost as if the cover was being created by itself! The artist was not even consciously aware of the hidden symbols when I had pointed them out to him. This talented artist stated that he drew his inspiration from a combination of his love for both spirituality and science fiction. Before the design process began, he would go into nature, bask in the silence and tap into his reservoir of creative imagination. The cover you now see is the result of unbounded creativity and astounding talent. Based on the numerous symbolic representations that are hidden within the books cover, this picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Can you see any other hidden symbols embedded within the still image of the book’s cover?

Gabrielle Bowen

Insight, Soul Series Volume 1, 2nd Edition: The Truth Behind The Words

Imagine awakening one morning to find healing poetry spontaneously flowing from your Soul. Imagine putting pen to paper as intuitive poetry suddenly pours through you from within; each verse surprisingly complete with life instructions, spiritual guidance and Soul expressions; each word drenched with Truth, Love and Light. The records of this precise experience are contained within Soul Series Volume One, entitled Insight.

As a result of a spiritual awakening, the author’s rediscovered inner Light floods through each selection of  healing poetry. Each verse acts as a conduit of illumination as the author is used as an instrument with which to enable individuals to receive the music of poetry from a higher realm. Be prepared to be uplifted, inspired, guided, and encouraged as each spiritually inspired poetic verse attempts to prick one’s senses, transcend the mind, infuse the heart and envelope the Soul; To remind you of Who You Truly Are.

The paperback edition of Insight, Soul Series Volume 1 will be launching soon! Get ready! This long awaited second edition will contain additional content that is bound to satisfy the the Soul.  Currently, this title is available globally in an e-book edition.The engaging new content within this new version will also enable you to tap into healing energetic vibrations while you soak in the Truth behind the words. Insight’s latest new edition will be available globally for purchase through on-line retailers such and through your local bookstore.

You are about to embark upon a new selection within Insight’s forthcoming second edition entitled, “The Light Body.”

Get ready to tap in

Soak in

Breathe in…

Poetic words of Divine inspiration,

Meant to be shared with nations.

May these words filter though you.
Penetrating to your core; infiltrating through the mind, guiding you to more;

Leading you to inner Truth just beyond heart’s door.
Recapturing your Essence, exposing Who You Are within;

May these poetic healing words remind you of your vast True Self therein!


I Am Light in its purest form

Energetically adorned

Weaved with Golden Liquid Light

Beautifully forewarned

As intuition powerfully flows through me from within

Interdimensionally aligned

Giving in to All That Is therein

Benefiting humanity throughout

Healing accreted Light


God-Self adores

Love encompassing All

Internally flowing

Soul blueprint externally showing

The One

Light in its purest expanded, electron form glowing

Shining luminously bright

Essence blinding white


Blanketing infusions of warmth




The insanity of humanity’s unrest

Now as we rise

Transcend, bend

Without compromise


Now truly blessed,

Universal laws, comprehending

Sending energy throughout

Extracting, transmuting, reeling

Healing, peeling

Permeating, revealing

Light within!


© 2012 Gabrielle Bowen

Open The Mind: A Sneak Peek Into Chapter 1 of Insight, Soul Series Volume 1

It is time to take a sneak peek behind Insight’s cover! Delve into my Soul Series and sample the healing vibrations that emanate from the poetic verses within the first chapter entitled, Soul Instruction.  This sample selection is called, “OPEN THE MIND.”
As you absorb the energy behind the words, feel free to comment on the Insights that resonate with you!


Open the closed mind
Unlock the door
Unblock the heart
Deeply understand to
Levels of consciousness
Revel in concepts of Oneness
Unplug from mass consciousness
Revise antiquated perceptions
To find
Elevated awareness
Your Truth …
Step outside the box and
Look in
From a much higher altitude
View your vast True Self therein
Like immeasurable air that expands through the atmosphere
You are so much More!
Seek your Truth to discover
You are More than meets the eye!
Determine why
The Deepest Wisdom
Your Origin
Know True Self
Look In!
To the Internal Eternal Light
Wake from the dream state of illusion
Stretch your Being
Look around with eyes wide open as if for the first time
Altering perception’s projection to find
No longer holographically blind
As Soul fragments rewind
And piece together True Self forgotten in linear time
To remind
Begin seeing
Your Light Being
Wipe your squinting eye
And see
Know Yourself as Me
We are One
I Am Within
Embrace Me
See Me
Hear Me
Know Me
Trust Me
Love Me
Use Me
Help Me
Thank Me
Made in the image and likeness of Me
Aspects of My qualities in
Feel Me
I Am in You and
You Are in Me
We Are We
You Are reflections of One Powerful Entity
Fused Individuations of One Divine Whole
One Soul
For eternity!

© 2012 Gabrielle Bowen

Insight, Soul Series Volume 1: Decode The Hidden Symbols Within

As previously mentioned, the cover of my latest book entitled, INSIGHT, SOUL SERIES VOLUME 1 is embedded with many hidden symbols.
I conducted an exciting survey to determine if the additional symbols hidden within the book’s cover could be detected, decoded and interpreted.

The question of the hour was simple. It was:

“What do you see when you look at this picture?”

Similar to a piece of artwork, the cover of Insight has the potential to be interpreted by the viewer in many different ways. At first glance, one can be deceived and led to believe that it is merely a picture of an eye.  However, when studied closely, this expanding image begins to transform to resemble a modern-day hieroglyphic that reveals a plethora of hidden symbolism lying dormant within!  It is to be noted that the way in which the book’s cover image is interpreted solely depends on the individual’s perception. As a result, the reaction one has to the image reflects one’s inner state of being .

Excitement filled the air as numerous individuals flocked to the survey one by one to take on the challenge of studying  Insight’s cover image from every angle.  The task of attempting to unravel the mystery and solve the puzzle of the image’s hidden symbols turned out to be an exhilarating process.

The following interpretations of Insight’s cover were submitted to me before the survey began. These insightful reviews were provided to the participants to serve as an example.

“When I saw the picture I was drawn to the feeling of healing ones self as well as earth as a whole and opening up our awareness of our true surroundings. The healing hands holding the eye brought me connected to this planet as well as the galaxies beyond.”
-Kristen Moss

“Looks like you are holding the world in your hands and in your mind’s eye.”
-Ari Nuk Na 

Upon surveying a total of approximately 158 people, the results revealed that 99% of the individuals that commented saw the book’s cover in a positive light. An overall message of Awakening, Truth, Love, Light, Insight, Healing and Awareness was depicted from this astounding image.
Similarly, the book’s content mirrors the identical concepts that were decoded in the cover. The participants were given the specific instructions to look deeply beyond the surface of the picture and look past the still image of the eye itself. Due to the fact that the picture is a mere symbolic representation, instructions were given to interpret what they saw.

Consequently, certain individuals that possessed an elevated sense of awareness reported that every time they looked at this expanding image, they saw something different!
Based on the many symbols that are embedded within the books’ cover, this picture is truly worth a thousand words!

To view the astonishing results of this revealing survey along with the numerous interpretations of  the hidden symbols within Insight’s cover, click here:

Despite the many symbols that were decoded in my book’s cover, the global challenge is still on and the original question remains:

“What do You see in this picture?”

Feel free to analyze the book cover above and comment below.  Tell me what You see!

You might just be the one to solve the puzzle and unravel the mystery of the cover’s hidden symbolism!

The top 3 answers will win a copy of my book!

So there you have it!

Decode the hidden symbols within to win!