Insight, Soul Series Volume 1: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

   A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Insight, Soul Series Volume 1 has finally arrived! This engaging book is a powerful poetic guide to Awakening. This book is designed to unravel the mystery of Who You Truly Are and What You Can Become!! At first glance, I am told that it can be viewed as a course in Awakening. The channelled messages within the book are designed to guide, heal, uplift, inspire, empower, enlighten and encourage.  The e-book edition of this long-awaited title is now available globally and can be purchased through Amazon Kindle via the following websites:  In the U.K at  , in France at, in Germany at, in Italy at and in Spain at  This title has also launched in 32 countries via iTunes through the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and other online retailers. For those who are ready, this book is a global wake-up call!

Designing the cover of Insight was an exciting process. I had the pleasure of working with world-renowned graphic designer, Dejan Davidovic. This creative genius was able to capture the vision of my design concept and catapult it to an even higher level beyond my imagination!

The cover of Insight is embedded with many hidden symbols. The hands that embrace the eye represent the assisted awakening of Souls and the ascension process as it relates to the fifth dimensional planetary shift that is occurring within the timeframe of 2012 and beyond. The cover’s image also symbolizes the direct connection with one’s Higher Self, the global reopening of the third eye, and oneness with All That Is. If you take a step back and analyze the cover further , you will notice that the image faintly resembles an outline of a keyhole. The eye peering though this keyhole represents one’s ability to look beyond the veil of illusion. The white rays of Light that flood the eye symbolize the Light within us as it penetrates one’s consciousness. If you look very carefully you will also notice the number 11 between the glowing white arms made of light. This number has a spiritual significance and represents the 11 chapters that are contained within the book. The extended electromagnetic arms reach up to the eye as the eye is pried open by the Light body’s glowing hands. The hands that hold the eye also represent global healing while the black background signifies the expansive universe.  Furthermore, the total image of the eye itself represents the third eye chakra which symbolizes highly developed intuition. The black pupil in the centre of the eye symbolizes the void of “Beingness”. The color blue that emanates throughout the cover stands for both the blue ray indigo and global communication as it relates to the throat chakra and its association with the fifth dimension. If you study the image on the cover very carefully, you will also notice other symbols embedded within the design. The most miraculous and astonishing thing of all is that the symbols were not planned. Long before the book was written, I had a vision of the book’s cover. As a result, I knew that it was to contain an eye. As the designer and I collaborated to create the cover, additional symbols began to appear within the design. It was almost as if the cover was being created by itself! The artist was not even consciously aware of the hidden symbols when I had pointed them out to him. This talented artist stated that he drew his inspiration from a combination of his love for both spirituality and science fiction. Before the design process began, he would go into nature, bask in the silence and tap into his reservoir of creative imagination. The cover you now see is the result of unbounded creativity and astounding talent. Based on the numerous symbolic representations that are hidden within the books cover, this picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Can you see any other hidden symbols embedded within the still image of the book’s cover?

Gabrielle Bowen

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