Open The Mind: A Sneak Peek Into Chapter 1 of Insight, Soul Series Volume 1

It is time to take a sneak peek behind Insight’s cover! Delve into my Soul Series and sample the healing vibrations that emanate from the poetic verses within the first chapter entitled, Soul Instruction.  This sample selection is called, “OPEN THE MIND.”
As you absorb the energy behind the words, feel free to comment on the Insights that resonate with you!


Open the closed mind
Unlock the door
Unblock the heart
Deeply understand to
Levels of consciousness
Revel in concepts of Oneness
Unplug from mass consciousness
Revise antiquated perceptions
To find
Elevated awareness
Your Truth …
Step outside the box and
Look in
From a much higher altitude
View your vast True Self therein
Like immeasurable air that expands through the atmosphere
You are so much More!
Seek your Truth to discover
You are More than meets the eye!
Determine why
The Deepest Wisdom
Your Origin
Know True Self
Look In!
To the Internal Eternal Light
Wake from the dream state of illusion
Stretch your Being
Look around with eyes wide open as if for the first time
Altering perception’s projection to find
No longer holographically blind
As Soul fragments rewind
And piece together True Self forgotten in linear time
To remind
Begin seeing
Your Light Being
Wipe your squinting eye
And see
Know Yourself as Me
We are One
I Am Within
Embrace Me
See Me
Hear Me
Know Me
Trust Me
Love Me
Use Me
Help Me
Thank Me
Made in the image and likeness of Me
Aspects of My qualities in
Feel Me
I Am in You and
You Are in Me
We Are We
You Are reflections of One Powerful Entity
Fused Individuations of One Divine Whole
One Soul
For eternity!

© 2012 Gabrielle Bowen

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