Insight, Soul Series Volume 1, 2nd Edition: The Truth Behind The Words

Imagine awakening one morning to find healing poetry spontaneously flowing from your Soul. Imagine putting pen to paper as intuitive poetry suddenly pours through you from within; each verse surprisingly complete with life instructions, spiritual guidance and Soul expressions; each word drenched with Truth, Love and Light. The records of this precise experience are contained within Soul Series Volume One, entitled Insight.

As a result of a spiritual awakening, the author’s rediscovered inner Light floods through each selection of  healing poetry. Each verse acts as a conduit of illumination as the author is used as an instrument with which to enable individuals to receive the music of poetry from a higher realm. Be prepared to be uplifted, inspired, guided, and encouraged as each spiritually inspired poetic verse attempts to prick one’s senses, transcend the mind, infuse the heart and envelope the Soul; To remind you of Who You Truly Are.

The paperback edition of Insight, Soul Series Volume 1 will be launching soon! Get ready! This long awaited second edition will contain additional content that is bound to satisfy the the Soul.  Currently, this title is available globally in an e-book edition.The engaging new content within this new version will also enable you to tap into healing energetic vibrations while you soak in the Truth behind the words. Insight’s latest new edition will be available globally for purchase through on-line retailers such and through your local bookstore.

You are about to embark upon a new selection within Insight’s forthcoming second edition entitled, “The Light Body.”

Get ready to tap in

Soak in

Breathe in…

Poetic words of Divine inspiration,

Meant to be shared with nations.

May these words filter though you.
Penetrating to your core; infiltrating through the mind, guiding you to more;

Leading you to inner Truth just beyond heart’s door.
Recapturing your Essence, exposing Who You Are within;

May these poetic healing words remind you of your vast True Self therein!


I Am Light in its purest form

Energetically adorned

Weaved with Golden Liquid Light

Beautifully forewarned

As intuition powerfully flows through me from within

Interdimensionally aligned

Giving in to All That Is therein

Benefiting humanity throughout

Healing accreted Light


God-Self adores

Love encompassing All

Internally flowing

Soul blueprint externally showing

The One

Light in its purest expanded, electron form glowing

Shining luminously bright

Essence blinding white


Blanketing infusions of warmth




The insanity of humanity’s unrest

Now as we rise

Transcend, bend

Without compromise


Now truly blessed,

Universal laws, comprehending

Sending energy throughout

Extracting, transmuting, reeling

Healing, peeling

Permeating, revealing

Light within!


© 2012 Gabrielle Bowen

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